Friday, June 8, 2012

just a minute...

I just can't resist by taking just a minute and sharing some good news...
I was going to make you all guess,
but I can guarantee a rumor would start that I was pregnant,
and it would spread like wild fire...
So, I will shut down that "good news" down as fast as I can,
because that just simply isn't the case,
and will not be the case for some time to come!

Want to know the "real" good news?!

Remember how the hubby was studying his little heart
out for his PE [professional engineering] test!?
he passed!
[happy dance multiple times around the living room!]
I am now the wife of a professional engineer and I seriously couldn't be more proud of him!

Oh and you know how we were back in Boise last week to check up on some things with our home that we are renting out!?
Well, since the current tenants will not be living there anymore come this July, we needed to find other tenants, and wanted to accomplish that HUGE task while we were home last week. So while Kalob was in Wyoming doing some "cow things", I was able to book showings for the house, actually show our home [with the help of my mom] and we will be finalizing everything within the next week, because we found the perfect renters [answer to our prayers!]

Do you have any good or even spectacular news!?
I would love to hear it!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Hi I'm a new follower :)
    Congrats to your hubs & finding new tenants.
    Finding good tenants is very important especially with a place that looks that nice, you guys definitely want to make sure they keep it like that.

  2. That IS great news! Congratulations. (It's post "good news" and everyone automatically thinks you're pregnant!)

  3. Yay for your Hubs! I'm following you from Melissa's blog now!


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