Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I don't know how it got to be Wednesday already, but by now, we all now what that means!
What Is Hudson Up To Wednesday!
We went to his 12month appointment last week, and
all I have to say is that this boy needs to slow himself down!
At this rate he going to be drafed into the NFL or NBA [I'm sure we would be okay with either decision] by the age of 13. Goodness!

[waiting for the doctor!]
Brace yourself for these stats, and keep in mind, Kalob and I are not giant people!
Kalob is about 5'11, and I stand about 5'7 [maybe add an inch with my hair!]
I may have a few pounds to still lose, but by no means did I ever see my child catching up to me this fast!

Weight: 29.8 lbs [98%]
Height: 33.2 inches [98%]

Also keep in mind that Hudson is only 12 months old, not 3 years old!
So before asking him to tell you his name, or how old he is...remember that his vocabulary is consisting of a good 6 words, 2 animal sounds & some singing...we just started walking, and he is still attached to his mommy, dangit!
 Oh, I just love this kid!

I feel like he has developed so much in the past few weeks, saying so many more words, learning new sounds, becoming am absolute stinker, catching onto things so much fast & playing games! My day may seem boring to some, some may wonder how us stay at home mamas do it, but I will tell you, that nothing is more rewarding and fun than having your child say "please" in sign language when he wants some something, or when he says "MOOOOOM" or "DAD-DEEE" and holds his arms up for you, or even when he wants to share his goldfish! haha.

Nana and Papa seem to know best, and got Hudson this little gaget for his birthday! It has been claimed Hudson's new favorite toy this week! I, being the awesome mom who thinks her child is so advanced, was writing hudson's name, holding his hand and having him trace it...hahaa, funny right!? He looked up at me, slipped his hand up to the puppy, said "ruff" and made his scribbles! haha.

Mommy loves you Hudson James, don't you ever. ever. ever. forget that!


  1. Oh my goodness look at that cutie!! I feel ya on the giant baby department. my 8 month old is 25 pounds and 31 inches tall.. people always expect him to wave, clap, say hi, etc. Mostly he just stares and drools... whoops! They grow way too fast - I feel like I've been robbed of teeny tiny baby days!

  2. My kids are opposite... they are tiny little peanuts!

  3. He's just too stinking cute!

  4. He's a gorgeous boy!! Probably be towering over you one day :) Can you imagine?

  5. I LOVE the name Hudson. He is gorgeous!


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