Thursday, May 10, 2012

last thing thursday [4]

Oh how I love these posts. I actually look forward to them!
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The Life of the Wife

last thing I:
designed: well "re-designed"! This blog! As you have probably already noticed, this blog changes a lot. I get bored with things pretty easily, and just can't help myself. we are now. Maybe it will stick around for awhile!?
got excited for: baby names! NO, I'm not pregnant...NO, not any time soon...but I know that Im not the only one who talks and decides about baby names with their husband/significant other! I like to be prepared and when we could only decide and agree on ONE baby boy name [which we have already used] I was beginning to get a little worried...until tonight!
Although we are that couple that doesn't tell anybody their baby names, until the baby is here, you better believe that it is in a Word document on my computer...labels and all
got motivated by: My 5k is coming up quick...
and after reading this and going to the gym and on a run afterward,I'm seriously feeling so good!
celebrated: 2 year anniversary! Still can't believe it myself!
[miss that post?! check it out here!]

cried at: I stole this from Jenna [hope you don't mind!]. I just couldn't resist. I saw it earlier this week and seriously lost it, dang commercial! If you haven't seen it, grab a're going to need it.

now as you wipe your up!

-have a Thursday everyone!


  1. I'm the same way with my blog. If one of my blogger buddies redesigns, I then feel the need.

    Good luck on your 5K. :)

  2. BABY NAMES!! This is always one of my favorite topics of conversation. We talk about them a few times a month so we don't forget. =] Maybe I should try the Word.doc thought.. hmmm. happy thursday!

  3. Happy Anniversary :) What a fun time for you two getting excited about future plans (no matter how "future" they may be) Have a great one!!

  4. ahh! I saw the video link on Jenna's post, but didn't click on it. When it was here too, I thought "this must be a good one if it's the 2nd time today I've seen it" and oh my tears! Now I need to go call my mom and tell her thank you :) Great "Last Thing" post!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!
    & I agree. we all pick out baby names before they are even here!! lol my fiance & i do it too & we aren't even getting married until October!! lol & dont want kids until 5 years.. & that commercial made me miss my mom too!! ugh why must they do that to us?

    Happy Thursday!!

    ps. newest follower

  6. Oh Elise I don't think I can watch that video, just looking at the screen shot is hard enough and I have already cried so much this week :(
    I love how you are so motivated to even type up your future baby names lol (something I would do!)
    I think I will have to check this link-up out :)
    Have a happy day!!

  7. I just cried all the way through that commercial! Pregnancy hormones, right? Thanks for sharing!


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