Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's Wednesday!
which means...
What Is Hudson Up To Wednesday

Nana and Papa have come and gone, and I won't lie,
Hudson and I have both been sort of a "rut" the past few days!
We've spent a lot of time in our pjs,
 had fruit, cheese, and crackers for snacks,
I've even taken a morning nap while Hudson was down for his morning nap.
We didn't go outside until Daddy came home and at that point I threw on a hat and sunglasses.
There's even a [really] good chance that I had to ask my husband what the weather was like once he got home!

-He has been talking up a storm lately and it is the most fun thing ever.
Hudson now knows what sound a cow, cat and doggy say!
He can even sing!
It goes a little something like...
"Hudson, can you sing for Mommy?"
Hudson: "La.La.La.La.La.La.La." [as he is bopping his head in rhythm!]
stinkin' adorable.

-He has been sleeping so much lately too.
He has always been an amazing sleeper during the day, but at night he has always been like clock work. 7:30pm bedtime- up at 7:00am on the dot.
Monday he decided to finally wake up at 9:03am.
yesturday, he slept slept until 9:30am.
This morning until 8:50am.
I know I know....rough right!? hahaha. That's close to 14+ hours a night! goodness! I'm not complaining one bit considering insomnia has hit this mama...hard. Those morning hours have been more than precious to me! Thank you, Hudson, for understanding!

But nothing is as precious as this little boy right here!
He is certainly a stinker and a total boy, but we love him all the same!
He keeps us on our toes, us guessing, keeps my heart beating, and arms strong [I carry him with my left arm usually, and I swear my left bicep is bigger than my right!!] He is one of those kids that you thank Heavenly Father for every single day. multiple time. over and over.
Life can not get much better than this!


  1. Adorable pictures!! I have been spending a few days in jammies too... it has been so crummy here!

  2. Almost every sentence of that post had me saying - yup, me too! The first half of this week has been full of pajamas and laziness - Jack has been uncharacteristically sleeping past 9 each morning, and since I have been having insomnia like crazy it is MUCH needed!! It's been rainy here so I am blaming the weather... but sometimes when you are home all day you just get into a rut - So happy to be following along with you :)

  3. Beautiful words for your little man :)
    Jammie days are the best aren't they? Some days I don't venture outside either lol
    I hope the insomnia goes away, so annoying!
    Enjoy your snuggles with Hudson!


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