Thursday, May 3, 2012

last thing thursday [3]...

That's right, once again it's time for "last thing thursday" and a little link up action with
The Life of the Wife

last thing I:
 cried about: I lost my wedding ring last week [we don't talk about it]...yeah I know, kill me. I took it off when I was bleaching and cleaning last week before my parents arrival, and now...gone.vanished. I still have my bands but no ring [kind of important]. We have pretty much turned every single room inside this little condo upside down and backwards, drains to every sink have been taken apart, and every single article of clothing and & have been shaken out and patted down...prayers are more than welcome at this point for the finding and return of my ring!
ate: a very yummy green smoothie. I think Hudson ate more than I did!
bought: I'm still waiting for it to arrive because I just had to have a red one [duh]
23 days until the to get my butt in gear...and got to get a new place for my Ipod. I sewed a piece of fabric onto my sports bra that fit my ipod in while I ran...yeah - it's not making the cut onto the armband!
 [I promise I sewed the piece of fabric BEFORE they came out with the  new"Joey" bra.]
listened to: the new Carrie Underwood CD. It's pretty amazing I must say. I know "country" music may not be your cup of tea, but you should all do yourself a favor and just take a listen!
 celebrated: well Hudson's birthday week came to an end [booo] so last night I threw a little party for myself after I ran 2.5 miles in the rain...and when I say rain, I mean pouring down, hit you and leave a mark...rain. I actaully hate the rain, but I told myself before I started-no excuses. Do you want to know how I celebrated?! With a large glass of water, cuddles with my little man, and some frozen fruit...quite the party huh!?
[I'm trying!]
laughed at: So as I've stated before, I've been hit with insomnia. booooo. So last night I took some tylenol pm. I guess it hit me a little harder than normal because I woke up to this text from the hubby this morning.
Kalob: goodmorning babe. do you remember waking up last night?
me: yes! I was really trying to tell you something and you wouldn't listen to me!
Kalob: oh sweetheart. I was listening to you. You were talking about Hudson's preschool spotlight since he had turned two and that we needed to get it done. You kept saying that he needed string cheese but you couldn't find him. I was listening but I had no idea what to say.
[keep in mind that Hudson just turned one, he isn't in pre-school, and I was wa
tching him on the video monitor as I was looking for him!]
SLEEP DEPRIVED at its finest!


  1. Oh no! That is funny about your sleep 'talking' haha
    I hope you find your ring real soon, I can't imagine how anxious you must feel :(
    Good luck with the 5k!

  2. Oh my gosh I would FREAK OUT if I lost my ring! I hope you find it!!!!

    Thanks for linking up again Elise!! You're the bestest! :)

  3. I hate it that you are dealing with insomnia :-( But it sounds like you bring some entertainment to the whole situation :-) Hilarious!

    Hoping you find your wedding ring AND get some awesome sleep!


  4. Your ring is so pretty! Maybe you'll find it with the scarf!!

    After having zero sleep for a month because of Jacks teething I once answered the baby monitor like it was a phone. Clay still makes fun of me.

  5. Hope you find your ring! I would be devastated too! Ooh.. and I love Carrie Underwood. There is nothing like country music!

  6. Good luck finding your ring!

    My dad once misplaced his for seven years. He put it in the pocket of his dress pants he NEVER wears during an anniversary dinner with my Mom. He put the pants on seven years later for a wedding and put his hands in his pockets and it was in there. It WILL show up!


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