Tuesday, May 1, 2012

re-do [s].

whenever we have company coming into town, I always feel the need/pressure/urge/impowerment [whatever you want to call it] to do something new to the walls of the condo, the kitchen, H's room...okay, really every room in the condo. Thoughts are always running through my head on what I can do to give the house a little re-do, but usually it falls short of my expectations....mainly because I rarely finish, or I won't even start! When Hudson' birthday was just around the corner and with my family coming into town, I gave myself three weeks to come up with something different and spectacular, that would get finished & something that will stay...because I'm going to like it enough...and I have to tell you, I'm not only liking my "re-do"[s]...I'm loving them!

First up was the living room wall.
I've been super hesitate to put anything on our walls. Mainly because I really didn't think we would be living here this long, so to me, putting things on the wall was a more permanent thing. SCARY!
But lately, I've been getting over my fear of actaully "living" in Colorado. It only took my 2 years!
oh my...
SO boring. SO plain. SO blah.
I'm actaully kind of embarrassed now that I look back at it!
The middle frame is an excellent conversation piece [it's our last name, Komma, in alphabet photography] but after some time, this wall was just not working for me. at all.

In the process of getting things together for this wall, I also realized that all we had hung in the house were pictures of Kalob and I...from our wedding!! Hudson is ONE dangit! There had to be a change made! Luckily, I had just had our family pictures printed and I wanted to have them hung, but I also had so many other perfect pictures that I just needed a place! With not very much wall space in the condo, I had to get creative, and thanks to Pinterest and many many opinions from the husband, friends, and my mom...up went the "picture wall"!

It was a lot to take in at first...but I'm in love with it! I obviously have a thing for black and white, so it was a big step to paint the "k" mustard yellow- but it's certainly working for me...and the lovely living room wall!
Now there are finally pictures of us as a family!

Second up was the guest [Hudson's] bathroom!
Stay tuned...


  1. I love this wall! It's a big change from the previous version. WOW! I know how hard it is to work with small spaces. Congrats on doing such a great job. We just moved into a new place and this may have inspired me to work on our decor!

  2. I love it!! Wow, it really does look great!!

  3. Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment! That wall looks great. Looking forward to following your journey!

  4. Love it! It seriously looks so great!! I am forever switching around and changing the decor in my house!

  5. It looks amazing! My walls all look like your "before" picture because I never trust myself! Come do mine!


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