Friday, May 18, 2012


About 3 years ago, I had been noticing a bump on my wrist. I would flex my wrist down and it would pop out and it was huge! My roommates and I would make a few jokes here and there, the guy I was dating was fascinated by it, but it hurt...all the time. If I happened to bump it, sleep on it, type or write too much, it would cause me pain to the point of tears. I tend to think i have pretty high pain tolerance...but this was a whole new situation. My mom took me to a doctor, they diagnosed it as a ganglion cyst, drained it and I went about my day. well, it came back about 3 weeks later. Once again they drained it, and I went about my day...but this time it took about a week and the "bump" came back in full force, about two times bigger than before. Awesome.
After the second attempt we decided to go in for surgery and have it removed.
Third time was a charm right!?
[yes, my hair used to be blonde.]
[who would have thought that a stupid little bump on my wrist
 would be 5 weeks of recovery time?!]

Well, that third time a charm thing...isn't turning out to be the case. The past 2 weeks, my hand has become completely numb...and tingles all the time! I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to be happening, right?! When I pick H up, my wrist just gives out, push-ups or lifting is pretty much impossible, I can't bend it forward or backward because my wrist swells up like a balloon by the end of the day...hahaha and look what the Hubby bought for me...
[it's okay, go ahead...laugh and judge!]
So until I get an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, it looks like this will be worn...
at home only, prayers will be said at all times, and my thoughts will stay positive...
oh and in case you have forgotten...
 ITS THE FREAKIN' WEEKEND BABY, I'M ABOUT TO HAVE MY SOME FUN [I have a little R Kelly - Ignition stuck in my head, so what!?]


  1. Yikes! I hope you don't have to have surgery again. I've done it, and I know what a pain it is!

  2. This really sucks! Hopefully they can find out what it is and the fourth time will be the charm! Will be praying that they figure it out this time and that you don't have to go through this again!

  3. I had one of those the size of my pinky finger in my wrist. I have a nasty scar from it and I'm sure it's growing back. The dr. I saw when I first saw it tried to burst it with a phone book by hitting my wrist with a phone book - um, that doesn't seem very medically to me! I had to have surgery to remove it. ICK!

    I feel your pain. Though the wrist guard thing does look awful, I bet it feels nice!

    I hope everything works out! I can't imagine having surgery with a little one running around!!

  4. Oh no!! I know that's so frustrating. I hope everything turns out ok.

    As a side note, your eyes are incredible!!

  5. I had that same surgery, it came back and has taken away some mobility in my hands dye to scar tissue left over. Keep an eye on it and I'll send you my payers!


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