Sunday, May 20, 2012

easton premiere.

The hubby has been called into work the past few nights....blah. I haven't been sleeping that well to begin with [dang insomnia] this hasn't been helping much. at all.
When we first got married, we slept in a queen bed...& we could barely sleep in the same bed. I would get too hot, or he would get too cold...I also couldn't stand someone so close to me when I was trying to sleep, breathing on my neck or in my face...he couldn't stand my right foot twitching [yes that really happens], and how many pillows I used. Let's just say, we purchased a king bed just a few weeks into being married [we claim it saved it!]. But with all of that said, and as much as I need my space when I sleep, I can't sleep without him by my side.
I've always been absolutely, positively terrified of the dark. terrified of sleeping by myself in an empty house, and scared to death of Indians and robbers. I know that sounds so silly, but it's one of those things that when I was little, I would pray that the Indians wouldn't come to my window while I was sleeping. [please, laugh at me.]
So while Kalob as been gone, I have found myself a new sleeping companion...and no, it isn't Hudson.
You better believe that I slept with this bad boy by my side, all night long, with the living room lights on, my bedroom door open, and the baby monitor extra loud.
Here's to consecutive restless nights while being oh so prepared!


  1. Nice! I love this! Mike leaves every weekend during football season so I've had to get used to it but I've been known to call my mom at odd hours because I "think" I heard something. :) I'm with you!

  2. I sleep with a bat by my bed when Davin is gone too! And the lights on...and the bedroom door open...and I sleep SOOO light. We still sleep in a queen bed and I HATE it. My hubby is 6 foot 4 and it's...small.

  3. haha! This cracks me up.My hubby works nights and I have been known to hide things under the mattresses to use as weapons if need be. :)


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