Thursday, May 17, 2012

last thing thursday [5]

I'm just going to jump right in with Jenna over at Life of the Wife for
Last Thing Thursday!
If you jump right in up!
The Life of the Wife

Even if you don't link up, Jenna's post is so inspirational and touching this it!
I needed a little something to motivate me this morning so...
last thing I... [pinterest edition!]
pinned and actually made: [I know, shocker!]
Love this website, and this recipe for skinny enchiladas! It was delicious and healthy for you!
drooled over:
Please tell me that this outfit is not just adorable!?
Would I wear it...probably not until my legs looked like that.
Hence the reason I pinned this shortly after...
pinned and made me smile:
every single girl deserves to be smiling, with your husband, at this age...falling more and more in love every single day! How could you not want that feeling!?
pinned and made me choke up: [okay, maybe it made me tear up a bit too]
"This picture is from an article called the “RESCUING HUG” The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Apparently each were in their respective incubators and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against the hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two, threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller baby’s heart stabilized and temperature rose to normal."                                       
pinned and called my husband about:
Yes, I totally called my husband about this! Clearly this would just be so awesome to have in your house, and clearly, I would use it more than any child I may have! haha.
pinned and said "duh": [You know those times where you see something and think to yourself, well duh, why didn't I think of that!?]
pinned and choosing to live by quote: I literally pin at least 3 quotes every time I'm on Pinterest, I just can't help it! But read this, and tell couldn't have said it better yourself?!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I want a slide in my house! My husband is in school to become a firefighter...maybe I'll put a slide in for me and a fire pole for him!

  2. I love the Pinterest edition. I think I might have to steal your idea this week. I don't even have kids and I want a slide in my house!

  3. Umm whatever that is that you made looks DELICIOUS!!

    I want that girl's red jacket. Ahhh I miss my fall clothes!

    And that slide? GENIUS! I would totally use that more than my future kids would ;)

  4. LOVE this "pinned edition" of last thing thursday - and that picture of the grandparents makes me smile so big too :)

  5. Love this, elise! You are so cute!! I'm off to follow you on Pinterest because I'm loving your pins! :)

    I MUST make this skinny enchilada business. YUM! And, I love love love that quote! You got a new follower, girl!

  6. So very true!! I love it, great quote :)
    Ahh yes the slide would be so cool to have, the picture of the babies is heartwarming and I hope they are both still doing well.
    And I totally love the first outfit but I love the second one more :)
    I am going to have to check out your pins, you have found some cool stuff!


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