Friday, April 6, 2012

fun facts...

Since it's Friday, it's nap time for the bebe, I've noticed alot of new people visiting the blog, and I'm trying to totally ignore the piles of laundry on the floor, I'd thought I'd share some little fun facts about yours truely.
  • I'm pretty positive that I just ate my weight in cereal. Three different kinds, supposed to be somewhat healthy for you, but I think I ruined that by eating more than any one person should!
  • I just got back from a "sorority house tour" with my sister. Man, did I miss out on greek life in college, because I feel like I did! Don't really know how living in a sorority would fit in with my life as a wife and mommy...but maybe they will make an exception with my cute boys I?!
  • I say "hell"...alot. I know it shouldn't even happen, and I can only blame myself for it, but at times I blame one of my best friends [paul] for creating this horrible habit! I'm working on it...I'm working on it.
  • I can't whistle. I've tried multiple times, over and over and over...but nothing comes out. dangit.
  • I hate the word moist. [doesn't everyone?!]
  • If I could have any job in the whole world, I would be a wedding planner/rescue swimmer for the coast guard.
  • I have an obsession with anything to do with teeth...maybe that's why I'm a Dental Assistant?!
  • I bite my fingernails. Not just an occasional nibble to the point of blood. which requires band-aids. horrible. horrible.
  • I love me some mac and cheese. mmmmmhmmmmm.
  • I hate the feel, look, and smell of sun screen. I'd rather be gagged by a spoon than wearing sunscreen. [I'm such a good role model mom, I know.]
  • I can honestly say [you can look at my reciepts] that I've never spent full price on an article of clothing for myself, Kalob, or Hudson. I guess I could if I wanted to, but whats the point when you can look just as good for half the price!?
  • My right foot twitches when I sleep.
  • I obviously love me some hairspray.
  • I'm a twin. Did you know!? Yep, I have a twin brother, Jake. He is pretty much one of the most amazing people. ever.
  • To end this little session of fun facts...I was asked by the lovely Lindsay to do a quest post over on her blog to end her "Spring Rejuvenation" week! Go check it out!

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  1. I found you on Lindsay's blog and I am LOVING your blog! I can't wait to follow along :)



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