Friday, April 27, 2012

e i e i oooo!

nana and papa are finally here and birthday week continues! 
their flight was delayed last night so little Mr. Man had to wait until this morning to see Nana and Papa and boy was it quite the reunion!
I've mentioned before that they always bring the best gifts, but I think this one tops it all.
do you see that piano?!
I can guarentee you that when that runs out of batteries, our world will end.
Hudson is a little obsessed.
and this drum [uncle jake would be so proud!]
We "shake shake" all day long!

After a much needed morning nap, we made our way to the feeding farm singing
e i e i ooooo!
and on the farm he had a chicken, tractor, pig, goat, cow, horse and ducks!

 and can I just try and explain to you, just how very much this little boy
has attached himself to Papa?!

 We were even interviewed and pictures taken for the newspaper...hahaha. Hudson is already famous! We had so much fun with the animals today, and when it's all said and done, we are say the least! Early bedtime...for everyone! Tomorrow is our big party day...we are praying that the weather holds for us, considering we are having it outside, at the park! visit back tomorrow night for another picture overload! :)

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  1. The tractor picture is SO PRECIOUS! So adorable Elise! Happy Birthday Week Hudson!


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