Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We are going to just jump right into it...
starting. right. now.
Once again I feel like we have been so busy the past week, but when I sit down and start to type, my mind goes blank...mommy brain anyone?! See, there is a reason I take so many pictures!
The weather has been absolutley gorgeous here lately, and we have been taking full advantage of it & soaking up the sun!
We discovered [thanks to Ashley and Isabel] a new little farm in Fort Collins! So one day last week Ashley and I packed up the kids [and all of our stuff] and made our way to spend the afternoon feeding some chickens, cows & goats! Pretty much adorable!
 - I've been obsessed with my new camera, and I've been obsessed with this little man in yellow! And because Hudson isn't into much rebellion [yet], he just goes with it!

- Hudson has f o u r new additions to his little mouth!Poor little guy! But he has handled it like a champ, and mommy is not complaining at all! When this little boy is teething, he is clingy and loves to snuggle [which is a very rare occurance otherwise!] I may not be able to go to the bathroom by myself but who cares right...Do you want to know how this guy feels about those teeth?! :) -------->

-We are still l o v i n g bath time. If this boy didn't get tired, I think he could spend all day trying to "catch the water" coming out of the faucet & dropping his toys over the edge for his "excuse" to stand up in the tub.

 Hudson,slow down!
Stop growing!
Stay little forever...
p l e a s e!?

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  1. he is such a stud!! And I think I need a camera just like yours ;)


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