Saturday, March 17, 2012

like mother like daughter!

If you know my know a few things.
1. She's amazing.
2. Everyone loves her.
3. She's a pre-school teacher.
4. She is the best Mom and Nana anyone could ever ask for!
5. Every single holiday is a freakin' p-a-r-t-y!!
Growing up we could always assume that the house would be decorated, there would be a little present on our nightstands when we woke up...and depending on the holiday, our food would be a little different!
 St. Patricks day was no exception!
Green footprints around the house, doors, and sidewalk, green milk, pancakes, eggs...and sometimes we would end with a little scanvenger hunt [after the pre-schoolers of course!].
So like mother like daughter...
We started our morning off right...and green!
We went to a little St. Patricks day lunch  yesturday too! We were asked to bring our favorite green food!
I didn't want to get too crazy considering the kids had to some green fruit and some fruit dip [food coloring does wonders!] made a perfect lunch addition!
Thanks to the Nielson kids, we all went home with the cutest little goodies [I got to go home with TWO little goodies [be jealous!!]
1. 2.  
So glad I'm a mom so that I have the excuse to "party" like a kid again!
So grateful that I had a "fun" mom that made us feel special every single day, who was so incredibly creative that we looked forward to what was in store next, and the fact that it's been hitting me...
"I want to be just like her when I grow up"... [I mean really, who wouldn't?!] If you know my mom, you probably smiled through this whole post, shaking your head yes, and agreed with everything. If you don't know my mom, you should probably do so...just sayin'.
Happy St. Patty's Day!

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