Tuesday, March 13, 2012

got it covered...

I've been a huge fan of song "covers" for years now, and I think you all should be too!
I think it's absolutely amazing to find so much talent in covers, see other people's take on the song, and find new voices!
So once a week, "got it covered" will be appearing! [so excited about this...be excited with me!]
this week...
J A K E   C O C O !
Seriously, one of the most talented people...guitar, drums, you name it- he does it all! He brings such a neat take on a popular song and often brings in other great talent to collaborate with him!
Take a look...or I should say, listen!


  1. You should totally check out Tyler Ward...he's amazing and I actually lived with him my freshman year of college in the dorms. Let me know what you think!

    1. LOVE him! he actually came to concert in rexburg the year after I left!girls are pretty much obsessed with him. haha.


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