Friday, March 2, 2012


I'm 3 days into this dang cleanse, and it's been hard. I knew going into it that it was going to absolutely suck, but I told myself that once I started it, there was to be no cheating, and no giving up. Ironically, the past 3 nights we have had a pizza man [all from different companies] at our door step... with the wrong address. MEAN...just plain mean right?! But it's working. Combined with this and my wonderful gym workouts, the number on the scale is losing some lbs. It's not some crazy cleanse of only fruit juices for a's actually as many fruits and vegetables as you want, beef and brown rice...all on specific days. Not that terrible?! Wait until it's dinner time and there is no way you can down another carrot or when you are starting your day off with a baked potato. yummy!
Anyway, 3 days into the cleanse...week 4 of training for this 5k [yes, training for a 5k- total wanna-be runner!] and I can see a healthy end in sight and prize at the finish line! What's the prize you may ask!? It's up for debate but I think I need a prize. When I told Kalob about my little idea, he asked why and of couse said, don't you just want to do it for yourself, and your health [and I'm sure to save our pocketbooks, was a thought of his!]?!
Naturally I compared it to having a baby. I compared growing a baby for 9months, labor pains, groin pain, contractions, active labor, active pushing for 5.5 hours, ending in a c-section, and recovery- then receiving Hudson [best gift ever.] in the a 7 day cleanse and 5k training! How I came up with such a story is beyond me...and really there are NO comparisions or similarities whatsoever,
but I it worked!
Usually if & when I want something, I just go out and buy it...
but this time is a little different [and not as fun].
The deal:
[well the deal in my head...]
If I finish this cleanse without cheating or quitting...twice [now, and the month [May] of the 5k], AND I run the 5k, without stopping or walking, and finish under 28min [average 5k time according to Runner's World.]
I get a prize...
but now I don't know what I want my prize to be!
a lovely new sweatshirt!?

 new jeans [hopefully a few sizes smaller than the ones I own now!?]

a phone upgrade [yes, I'm very old school right now!]
 hmmmm, maybe even my future mommy car?! :)
[Am I thinking too outside of the box?! running a 5k is totally worthy of a new vehicle!!]
Seriously, so many options!
I'm sure you all have so many other ideas...
Send them my way!!!

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