Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Dear Pinterest,
Thank you so much for everything you do, things you provide, the time you fill, the inspiration you give, ideas you offer, & projects that will eventually be made.
No more eventually for this girl.
We finally decided to do it.
We finally found the time to accomplish it.
We have officially named ourselves "PRO-DIY-ERS!"
[okay, so "pro" might be pushing it just a little bit!]

New [handmade] headboard for the king bed!
Thank you Pinterest for the 2309586203496823 DIY headboard links...
[If anyone tells you that it only takes an hour or two to do a king size, pin-tucked headboard...they are totally lying yo you.]
It has certainly been a "bonding" few days for the hubs and I...
We sure do work in very different ways! I'm not about measuring or math or directions, and Kalob is the complete opposite! We decided that we may wait a little while [l o n g while] to do another big DIY home project together!! I think our backs will thank us for that too...that's one heavy...yet so amazing...headboard!

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