Thursday, March 1, 2012


acts of kindness that is...

Seriously I've been so blessed the past few weeks. Okay, I always feel blessed, but this week has been full of the smallest acts of kindness that meant more to me than these people [complete strangers] will ever know.
I was walking out of the grocery store the other day with a cart full of groceries, and Hudson in the cart [one of his favorite things in the whole world is sitting in the cart and kicking his feet!]. I stopped the cart in front of my car, popped the trunk and started unloading the cart. I didn't think it looked like I was struggling [haha.] but to my suprise a gentleman walked up behind me [totally freaked me out, I won't lie to you] and asked if he could help put my groceries in the car. I was a little hesitate but said eventually said 4yes. I watched him walk away, and get in an SUV, two carseats in the back and what I assumed to be his wife in the front seat. Seriously!? I just stood there in aw. That man just took time out of his day & his family to help me with MY groceries. Bless that man's heart. I really think that man deserves some major blessings and points from someone above!
Target. Oh Target how we love you. You are WAY too close to our little condo, but I can't seem to bring myself to even begin to complain about that! Hudson and I will go to Target to pick up a few things, but mostly we go in just to walk around and to kill some time before nap or bed time. On one of our little "trips" I decided that I should probably start buying Hudson some shoes which meant that I needed to know his actaul size. We started trying on shoes and Hudson was cracking up...loudly. We all know what that laugh sounds like! There was a group of 4 women that walked by smiling and commenting...but just kept walking. Three minutes later, two of the women returned to the shoe aisle and approached me. It went a little something like this....
[2 women] " Hi. Oh my goodness, isn't he just the cutest!? We just couldn't leave the store without coming and telling you thank you. We were so drawn to your son's laughter and smile, and we just see this light about you both."
[me] At this point, I'm a little freaked out!
[2 women] " Would you mind if we pray for you and your family?!?"
[me] Oh sure! That's totally fine! Thank you so much! [totally thinking they would grab their carts and finish their shopping!]
[2 women] "Father in Heaven....[arms were in the air, swaying back and forth!] NO JOKE...IN THE SHOE AISEL AT TARGET...PRAYING FOR US BY NAME...FOR AT LEAST 3 MINTUES!Amen."
[2women] "God wants you to know that he is so pleased with you, you are doing alright!"
They got their carts and went on their way.
Now although I was a little shocked, and it came from complete strangers, in the middle of the shoe aisle in Target, from people I didn't expect it from...
It was seriously just what I needed that day.

This week, I'm trying to pay it forward & trying to remember that...

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