Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We are back on track for this wonderful Wednesday post!
Seriously I feel like it's been quite the week for us all, but then when I sit down and start writing, our lives seem a little bit boring.
Hudson is just growing so big. so fast. I'm pretty sure I say that every single Wednesday post, but it's so true. And to confirm that...we had to move to size 5 diapers! He is learning so many new things, his personality is really starting to come out, he keeps us laughing hysterically all the time...he is just my little man...who thinks he is mr. cool-io... all the time.

Colorado weather has been a little bi-polar lately, but when the weather is looking like it's going to cooperate, we've been starting out days with a morning run and time on the swings at the park. This kid acts like he has never been outside, seen the sun, put his feet in the grass, or touched dirt. It's a whole new experience every time we go!
We went to the park for a playdate the other day and he went straight for the bark, which naturally ended up in his mouth. At first I wasn't too sure about that idea, but then reminded myself that he has to learn, he is all boy, and what was I going to do?! pick up all the bark? hold him the whole time we were there? Not a chance!

We've been ending our days in a nice warm bath...and our tooth brush. Bath time just doesn't seem the same without it anymore!
Hudson has been working pretty dang hard on getting some more pearly whites to pop through.Usually the bottom two come through first, followed by the top two, then two more bottoms, two more top...etc. Well Mr. Man is going in a different direction and trying to get more top teeth than bottom teeth! Ouchie!
We are still loving this boy more and more every single day. Can't believe he is almost 11 months...which means next is...Goodness, I don't even want to talk about it! haha.

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  1. Yay for teeth! Love this little boy- so stinkin cute!!!!!


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