Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Thank you to the friend who texted me this morning "Can't wait to see what Hudson is up to Wednesday!" or I would have completely spaced this post, and that it was Wednesday! I don't know where the week has taken me, but I was positive this morning that it wasn't Wednesday, and that it hadn't been 4 days since I blogged last!
Well, if you thought I talked about the park and the weather here lately enough...I'm at it again!
It has been absolutely gorgeous here in Colorado the past week or so with temperatures in the 70s! Can't complain about that right?! It's been perfect for our daily morning runs, our park dates when Daddy comes home, and finally turning off the heat!
We usually pack a lunch, but since we were out and about we decided on Noodles and took it to the park for a little family picnic! Of course Hudson was so much more interested in the bark than his yummy noodles! Oh and Daddy's Sunglasses!
Oh and if you ever questioned whether this little boy loves his daddy....
I think the following picture will sum that up for you!
  • It seems that Mr. H has learned so many new things this past week...including climbing the stairs. We [thankfully] don't have stairs in our little condo, but that doesn't mean that friends don't! This kid didn't even hesitate climbing up them, it was the coming down part that made him hesitate! I think this may be the time that I'm so thankful for our little Colorado condo...with no stairs!
  • He has learned that he can move a toy over to the ottoman, stand on the toy, and then climb up on the ottoman...oh heaven help us all!
  • We have finally gotten him out of his "swaddle" the past few weeks and now we are moving onto standing up in the had to happen sometime right?!
  • We are pretty much done with formula [my bank account thanks you Hudson!] and with that means that this kid is that much closer to his one year birthday! [next month! Can't wait for Nana and Papa to get here to celebrate!]
But first...He may be the size of a two year old but
this little man turns 11 months on Saturday.
goodness I love him.

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