Sunday, March 11, 2012


okay, so like I said in the last post, I'm a little obsessed, so excuse me for the next week. I do think that this "obsession' has taken on a whole new degree of obsession. The hubs [may] already be getting sick of it, little man has already reached his max number of flashes...but I'm totally okay with all of it. I'm sure the obsession will die down over time [or maybe not] but for right now, this camera is with me wherever I go.
I should probably have a max number of pictures I can take per day, but I'm afraid I would have already surpassed that number...within an hour. I promise I will try and keep my excitement and overly-obsessed thoughts to myself...[after this post.]

Last night during bath time was such a joy! We stayed in the water for close to an hour... I couldn't believe the detail that this camera brought have I lived without it for so long?!

take 1: This picture was taken last week with my point and shoot camera. [Yuck!] With Hudson moving and splashing, this was the best picture I got, in a very poorly lite bathroom, out of about 30 pictures.
take 2: This picture was taken last night with the new Canon. We are still in the poorly lite bathroom, but look at that face...oh and the detail in the picture! I promise you the tile is white [not pink!] You can actaully see his eye lashes, his pearly whites, and his chubby [big] hands.

As a side job [in my large amounts of spare time] I will probably end up being a spokes[person] for just wait and see.

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  1. Wow! That's amazing! We have a point and shoot and a nice camera too. I should use our nice camera more often. (Hudson looks adorable, by the way. LOVE those lashes!)


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