Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I think this day is becoming my favorite day of the week!
What is Hudson up to Wednesdays!
Over the past week or so I've seen this kid really grow. I'm not just talking about his size [that's a daily thing], I'm talking about his personality and his actions! He is starting to understand so many things, and it's wonderful. We got in a horrible funk where he would scream. It was more like a long, painful, ringing of your ears...screech, and it was awful. I realize that was his way of communicating, and he wasn't doing it for attention, just when he got excited. I didn't want to stop him by putting my hand over his mouth, so we've been asking him not to scream...and it finally clicked for him. He still communicates and screams, but when we ask him to "shhh shhh shhh"...he shakes his head no, and screams in a much lower voice...stinkin' hilarious!
He also loves to stand up in the bath...which totally freaks me out, so when he would stand up I would just get him out of the bath. Let me tell you, it didn't take him long to realize that he didn't like it one bit! So now he does something about it!
Take a look...
  • Hudson is drinking through a straw and thinks it's the coolest thing. He sometimes forgets to breath, which leads to a waterfall out of his mouth!
  • He shakes his head "no" when he is all done with his food!
  • He can "shake shake shake" when music is on! There is something about music that his kid can't get enough of...taking after mommy!
  • Hudson LOVES chasing Daddy around the house, helping with the dishes, and still racing to the fridge whenever it opens!
  • He has finally cut down to 2-3 naps during the day. 4 naps was getting a little ridiculous!
  • We sent out Hudson's very first Valentine's Day cards to our most favorite people! I seriously LOVE holidays. SO much.
  • Only two weeks until Nana gets here. You should see this little boy's face when he hears her or Papa's voice on the phone...seriously priceless. He has such an amazing relationship with them, even though they are still 616 miles away!
  • He discovered the fun he can have underneath the dining room table chairs! So glad I spend money on toys for him....haha.

 Last but not least...
high five.
Yep, that's right...this boy gives high fives!!!
[excuse my voice!]
nobody can make us smile
 like this little boy can!

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  1. cutest high five I have ever see!! Gosh, where do you live? I want to come kiss those chubby cheeks of his!


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