Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Wow. It's only Wednesday!? It's already been quite the week! hahaha.
But it's February which means only a few days until my birthday and only a couple weeks until Nana gets here! Big things a coming!
Because it's only Wednesday, that means another enstallment of
What Is Hudson Up To Wednesday!
I know some of you have already seen this video, but it's so worth watching again!
Ready to pee your pants? [because I almost did!]
oh the little things that this kid finds funny! :)

Well we had another terribly, horrible, no good, very bad.... tumble.
A huge bruise on the side of his little head, a cut above his eye, and look at this fingernail...
That fingernail will be falling off eventually.
I have never heard Hudson cry the way he did, and I've never seen bigger alligator tears running down his face. It all happened so fast. Isn't that how it always happens, dangit?! There is seriously no stopping this kid, he is quick, he is into everything, and he loves it! He literally has no fear [except with the hairdryer].

-He is shaking his head "no". It's hilarious.
-He has learned how to shut the doors.
We are going through a little bit of seperation anxiety, and it has been happening in the middle of the night. It's pretty much the saddest thing in the whole entire world. Although it's not fun at all to be up at 3am, I'm loving the little man cuddles I get, all to myself!
And, lets be honest, how can you be mad at this face?!

We've been ridin' low lately...
with goldfish on our bum!

I also got a new calling in church on Sunday. I will be working with the Young Women, which I couldn't be happier about! With this calling, that does mean that I'm away more than I have ever been, ever. But I do have to say, I'm so proud of Kalob. I've always known he wa a good dad, but it's hard being all alone, getting Hudson ready for bed, in the bath, lotion on, dinner in his tummy...and he has done absolutely amazing with it! I think selfishly Kalob loves when I'm away for a few hours so he gets "boy bonding time" with Hudson! They even went last night to Target and got new bath toys so they could make new animal noises...yeah- those are my boys!


  1. Ok, seriously. this last picture of Hudson is just about the most adorable thing ever. And with the video--oh my. You have one adorable little boy!

  2. Oh my goodness. What an amazing picture and beautiful little boy!!


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