Friday, February 3, 2012


My hair has been through alot.
It's been blonde, just about every single shade of brown, I even went black. It's been long, short, and shorter....
but every single picture has one thing in common...
the poof!
Many have I'm telling.
  • Yes!My hair is all real. None of that "bump it", cheating stuff!
  • Yes! Kalob is married to the girl with the "big hair"
  • Yes! Go can touch it!
  • Yes! I get ready for the day...almost everyday, hair and all.
  • Yes! It's a process...I won't lie....take a look for yourself.
  • Yes! I do have bad hair days...I promise! I usually pray for that not to happen! [That's what hats are for!]
  • Yes! I use a "special" comb, and some hairspray- it doesn't take expensive product!
  • Yes! My hair does go flat! [shocker!] There are only a select few who have seen it "down" less than 10 people...until now.

[step 1: flat hair.]
Please excuse no make-up! I guess you can chalk two points up for make-up and my hair down. VERY rare occurance...even for my husband!

[step 2: get CrAzY and tease, spray, tease, spray, & tease,tease and tease some more!]
It used to get even crazier than that!
We've come a long way. [see picture below!]
[step 3: comb. comb. comb & shape. It's kind of an art. No "holes" showing here!]
  • No! It doesn't take me hours and hours in the morning. [I don't have hours and hours in amorning. Shocker!] I know the girl that usually checks me out [wow. that could be taken a few ways, couldn't it!?] at Target probably won't read this, so I'll have to explain it to her again and again, but hey, I guess that's what happens when it's so awesome?!
Some people may love it, some may hate it- to be honest- I don't really care. This is me. This is who I am. This is probably who I will stay- for a very long time.
Because it's the new year, and I'm attempting to make some serious changes in my life, I decided it was about time to get my hair cut. Let's just say it had been long over due...cough cough...10months...cough cough.[gross.] I've always gotten my hair cut every 3-4 months, without question. I guess that's one of the things I "let go" when I became a mom, and I've been putting off this haircut for months now. You know it's bad when your husband is telling you that you need to go and get it done! I knew I needed some split end help, and knew it would be a few snips of length...but I think I had a much "longer" version in my head. I walked out of the salon feeling a little insecure. I can't even put my hair in a pony tail for heaven sake!
But I think I'm in love now.
Here's to the new me. It's a new why not!?
But...forever and always...long live that poof!


  1. I remember being amazed in college at how quickly you always did your hair. You're right, I don't think (being roommates even) i ever saw it not poofed unless you were in the process of styling it.

  2. gotta love that Idaho poof! you're gorgeous girl, and I love your hair!

  3. Oh My Goodness! I love it! You are so Gorgeous!

  4. You are beautiful no matter what you do... but in all the years we have been friends... this is the first time I have ever seen you with no make up and no poof... and WOW Elise you are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!


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