Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's here again!
What Is Hudson Up To Wednesdays!

We're kicking today off with a video.
I thought it was stinkin' hilarious, Kalob thought it was kind of mean...
I know I know, I'll admit, it was kinda mean, but Hudson's reaction was seriously priceless.
He has been into grabbing our cups and because this kid is the
definition of independent,
 he hates for us to help him drink out of them. Usually he will just drink out of a sippy but if we have cups, he will just grab the cup and usually tries to stick his tongue far enough down that he reaches the water, but this time was very different!
Because this "little" tyke doesn't get an adequate amount of food.... haha.
He has found the fridge and can't get seem to get enough.
If he hears the fridge even open, he hustles his way on over,
and climbs up to reach whatever he can get his hands on!
He LOVES having his little playdates with his friends, especially Isabel!
 These two are seriously hilarious together.
He's just my little buddy!

BIG news [and grateful] in this house! Hudson's top two teeth have poked their way through! He certainly seems a little bit less miserable! Poor little guy!

And, believe it or not, as of yesterday, Hudson is
n i n e  m o n t h s  o l d!
Yep, that's right...a whole nine months.
I honestly don't know where the time has gone.
I carried this kid for a whole 9 months and it went by
WAY slower than the past nine months has gone!

We went to the doctor yesturday for his 9 month well care visit
and he is as healthy as ever and right on track!
Are you ready for some stats?!

Height: 31inches [>97%]
[let me put that into perspective for you...the average height of a 2 year old boy is 31 inches. ha!]
Weight: 26.7 lbs [>97%]
[the average weight of a 23month old boy is 27.3 lbs.]
Head Circumference: 18.3 inches [88%]

 Hudson gives us so much to be thankful for!

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  1. Kaylee is absolutely going crazy over these pictures! What a cute post!! :)


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