Thursday, January 26, 2012


Last week Hudson and I went on a hunt to try and make this little Colorado condo feel a little bit more like home, and I think we are off to a good start. so welcome to this weeks episode of 'thriftin!'

During the past week, I've been picking my brain about what to do with that lovely $2 whicker shelf...

I knew I wanted to paint it black [if you know me, that's obvious!], and I knew where I wanted to hang it, and I knew I wanted to do something on the inside of the shelves, but I couldn't decide on a pattern! Until,we were cleaning out our coat closet the other night, and I came across my wedding dress, flowers, shoes, and my beloved damask fabric...a whole bolt of it.
We used this fabric at our wedding, and my Grandma made table runners for all guest tables and our cake table cloth out of it. I was thrilled when I found out that there was still more fabric, than I even knew what to do with, left over. I love the print and just told myself I would come up with some craft tto put it to good use. we are!
Although I only used less than a half yard of's being used right!?

Now, I just have to wait until the hubby comes home to hang it. My husband obviously knows the damage I can do with crafts...and the wall, so he hides the hammer and nails!

And remember the banana holder I purchased for next to nothing?!
Its now black!
So simple...right?!

Until next time...
I'm thinking some cool frames will be on my 'thrift hopping' list.


  1. Elise! This looks amazing! I love it! Now all you need is some red vases for it :)

  2. It looks wonderful! So so cute!

  3. Elise, these are amazing! I'm so inspired. I especially love the bookshelf! Pin it, girl!


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