Monday, January 23, 2012


I swear by them.
Top Ten Uses for Vaseline.
I've collected these over the years!
  1. Put Vaseline on your elbows - no more roughness.
  2. Put Vaseline on chapped lips [I do this at night, and by morning- WA-LA!]
  3. Maintains perfume scent longer! [put on at perfume "points" before spraying!]
  4. Make-up remover! [I use it to get my eye make-up off at night- only thing that doesn't burn my eye-lids!]
  5. Helps get off stuck rings! [firm believer in this!]
  6. Removes make-up stains from clothing! [Did this yesterday to a towel!]
  7. I put a coat of Vaseline on my eye-lashes every night...makes them look thicker. [supposed to make them grow quicker too!]
  8. When I don't have the time [or the money] to get my hair colored professionally, and I do it at home, I smear Vaseline around my hair line so I'm insured that the color won't dye my skin!
  9. Nail Polish bottles getting stuck?! Rub some vaseline at the base of the lid more stick!
  10. I've also heard- but have never had to try [luckily] Vaseline helps get gum out of your hair!

One thing that I learned this weekend NOT to do with vaseline...
leave it anywhere near your straightner or curling iron!

Didn't your mom ever tell you...over and over-
"Turn off your straightner, you're going to start a fire?!"
yeah- mine did too!
Literally almost had to put that fire out in our bathroom.
We've been keeping all the doors shut to all the rooms due to a very busy and quick baby, who likes to get into everything! I was sitting on our bed and kept smelling this awful smell but couldn't figure out where it was coming from- until I opened the bathroom door. Smoke was coming off the counter of the bathroom, with a huge puddle of nasty, brown burnt Vaseline. The straightner had obviously been left on [what? it wasn't me! haha.] and the Vaseline didn't have a chance.
 It's been two days now and my bathroom still burning hot glue gun, I don't have any Vaseline, and my straightner is out of commision.Boo.
Turn off your straightner!


  1. Oh buddy that stinks! I hate things like that! It would have been so easy to prevent and instead.... LAME! Glad you caught it in time!

  2. I forgot to mention this in my comment the other day, but it also works WONDERFULLY on diaper rash!! :)


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