Monday, January 2, 2012


My parents have just been called to serve in one of the singles wards here in Boise. My dad is in the bishopric, which means my mom goes with him and has a calling there as well. So when we come home to visit- that's where we will attend church. No more family ward for this family. I was a little worried about this, mainly because Kalob and I were in a singles ward not too long ago [thats where we met] and now we are married with a baby. I was also a little worried because in a singles ward, there are no babies. no families. Usually their meetings are conducted and there is not a peep from anyone, like, a pin dropping would put looks on the people in attendence. Hudson told a few stories to the people behind us and certainly saw Papa up on the stand! But as I was sitting there, the worries went away! Hudson was sitting on the floor playing with his toys, and my husband was to my right, holding my hand. I couldn't help but think back the past year of my life. oh 2011.
How blessed we have been.
The amazing feeling I have, every single time I wake up in the morning.
My family.
My friends.
Our House.
Our rental condo where we call home [for now.]
My religion.
We started our new year in Boise with my family and our little baby in my tummy. The new year [and this picture] marked just a few days under 6 months pregnant!
 We got to meet our little man, by 3D ultrasound that is!

I flew back to Boise for the last time before the baby was born for my baby shower at exactly 30weeks!

We made a few short trips to Wyoming during the first few months of the year as well.
[have to keep an eye on those cows.]

I finished my last day at work at the dental office [very bittersweet.]
I had 3 weeks to clean, nest, and relax [as much as possible].
Until April 24, 2011 rolled around and my water broke [what an experience] at 2am.
With a few complications, 5.5 hours of pushing [so worth every minute.] and a very stuck,sunny side up baby, Hudson James Komma was born on that amazing Easter Sunday by c-section at 3:27pm.

After a very long, but needed week stay in the hospital, we got to bring this little man home and pick my mom up from the airport [angel!]

Sometime during this time [okay, like 2 weeks after Hudson was born] we celebrated [if walking very slowly to the car, to go down the road to dairy queen for a ice cream cone - counts as celebrating.]our first anniversary.

We started Hudson on his frequent flier status early, and flew to Boise for my sister's graduation.

We've made about 6 trips back to Boise since then!
Fourth of July and Hudson's Blessing.
We got to meet little Brogan.
Made a trip to Wyoming.
My paretns came to colorado to spend the weekend with us
and go to the Boise State football game!
We celebrated Hudson's first Halloween.
Spent Thanksgiving in Wyoming.
We are trying to survive our first Colorado winter...

We ended this year in Boise for Christmas and New Years with family and friends!!
I sure love my family more than words can even describe!

Seriously couldn't have asked for a more blessed life and a wonderful year.
Can't wait to see what this new year brings...
Hudson's first birthday, first words, first steps, growing, learning, and I'm sure so many suprises!
So bring it on 2012. Let's see what you've got!

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