Sunday, January 1, 2012

NeW YeArS...

We hadn't really put any thought into our New Years plans until that morning! I knew that it would be very hard for us to stay awake until midnight [to be honest, I haven't stayed awake for midnight on New Years for about 4 years!]
We decided to start the day off and go to the BSU vs ISU basketball game that afternoon [we won by one point- it was an amazing game!] and then we all decided to go back to the house and just hang out as a family - super low key but I can very confidently say  - best new years eve ever.
You know that you are all grown up and have a baby when you are excited [beyond] to spend New Years Eve with your parents! [best decision ever. seriously don't know why I haven't done it in the past!]
My mom may seem like a collector after you see these pictures, but I promise you it paid off for this event. For some reason [not even she knows] she has accumulated about 6 fondue pots. We never fondue. We've never thrown a fondue party, neither my brother or I have had them at our weddings...but still she has about 6. Stinkin' hilarious. We had a desire to put them to good use, so what better way than using all 6 for a
fondue new years eve!

We had cheese and bread, marshmallows, apples, bananas, apples, white chocolate, dark chocolate,  & even ,BBQ sauce for chicken strips!
Kalob got a donut maker for Christmas [coolest thing ever] so we made mini - donuts as well.
I know - all of this is sounding SO healthy!
Mini- Donuts with maple dipping glaze.
Yeah- d e l i c i o u s.

And in our house, no New Years Eve is complete without a little bubbly.

We played games, watched a movie, and laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants!
I seriously love my family.
[my parents]
 [Jake and Jen]

Hudson had a little issue going to bed on time [well, going to bed at all for that matter.] There was so much going on - he just didn't want to miss out on ANYTHING! Believe it or not, this kid took a short little "nap" and....wait for it...
Was awake when the ball dropped at midnight!
no joke!

[ummmm...look at those legs!!!!!!]

What an amazing way to ring in the new year right?!
It's been one year I will never forget!
So excited to see what 2012 brings!

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