Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I will give $100 to anybody that can figure out what that title stands for!
Or, I'll just tell you, because it's about to happen every week!

When the new year started, I wanted to re-amp this blog a little bit, but I just can't leave out the little man in my life! Although I devote every single minute, hour, & day to Hudson, it is getting so much harder to blog about him every single instead- Hudson gets a whole entire day [Wednesday] dedicated just to him -which then means picture over-load!!! I'm sure there will be plenty of little tid-bits and p.s's through out the week but.....
Welcome to

First. I promise that Hudson owns and wears pants! Second. I just had to share this priceless picture. We went to a friends house for a little play date yesterday and as soon as I set this little boy down- he hurried across the floor and found the horse! hahahaha.
Third. I've noticed, while buying and playing with children's toys, that they are quite annoying and loud. I totally understand now why parents take out the batteries, or don't replace them when they run out! But as annoying as it would be to you or I, the kids LOVE every single second of it so you can't help but learn to love it....right?!
Fourth. As cute as the above picture is, and as much as Hudson enjoyed this little pony, the noises that the pony creepy.
Listen for yourself...
[found this on youtube.]

We also went to the National Western Stock Show this past weekend. If you know me, you would be shocked to know that I married a cowboy, talk about cows, know anything about cows, or even step foot onto ground at a Stock Show! It's amazing what love can do to people...right?!
Anyhow, to the stock show we went.
somebody fell in love with all the animal noises!
We have just finished major baby proofing! Hudson is constantly on the move and doors are to remain shut in our house! It seems that I can't even pee [tmi?] without coming out to the trash can knocked over and pieces of paper shredded on my "just vacuumed" carpet. I don't think, actually I know, I have never vacuumed or cleaned our floors more that I have in the past month or so, but still he manages to find the littlest thing! Such a stinker.
[again, my child owns pants! Also, notice how he drags his left leg?! When he wants to get somewhere fast- he seems to use it to push himself further!]
[We are still wearing Christmas pjs. If they fit, we are using them! Don't judge!]
  • He has grown out of his "baby" car seat [his, "not so little feet", are hanging over the end, so we've had to upgrade!
  • He has discovered the amazing taste of Kiwi. New shopping list item for sure!
  • So thankful for our video baby monitor, considering Hudson has discovered that he can stand up and lean over his crib railing. You better believe we lowered the crib in the middle of the night!
  • He says "Hi!"
  • His top two teeth have decided to pop their corners through - it's been quite the ordeal!
We love him more and more every single day.I was telling Kalob the other day that I totally understand why people have so many kids, so close together, because they miss having a "baby". I certainly miss the baby stage where he would cuddle and sleep on me & when he was just learning how to smile or roll over. But I wouldn't trade this stage in his life for anything! He has become so independent, quite the talker [more like painful screams when he gets excited], he is still an amazing sleeper, and keeps me on my toes constantly! He makes a new friend every place we go - especially Old Navy. You know you shop there WAY TOO MUCH when the employees ask where Hudson is [yes, they know his name!] when I don't have him with me.

How was that for WIHUTW!?

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  1. he is getting so big!!! what a little cutie!!! LOVE the way he crawls! hahaha.


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