Thursday, January 19, 2012

simply lucky.

You know when the littlest thing just totally makes your day, maybe even your week or month?!
Well thanks to Ms. Lindsay Borg [go visit her blog!]- that just happened!
We met back in college our first semester in the wonderful metropolis of Rexburg, Idaho, and although life took us different directions and we are living across the U.S. of A from each other now, she still remains so close to me!

I woke up to the little yippy, most annoying, drop kick wiener dog that lives upstairs [what? I'm a little bitter!], which then proceeded to wake up Hudson....and it was all down hill from there. By noon I was exhausted and couldn't help but pray that something would turn the day upside down!
My phone vibrated!
Oh that blessed phone call!
  It was a simple conversation. We played a little catch-up. We reminisced about the good old college days when she would climb through my window in the mornings to borrow my clothes, or the late nights making No Bake Cheesecake! We talked blogs, boys & "grown-up" life.
Little did she know, it was just what I needed.
That real adult conversation was everything I needed.
 [As a stay at home mama, that doesn't happen very often!]
I've said it before and I'll say it again, and again, and again- I am so incredibly lucky to have such amazing people in my life.
So on this lovely Thursday, I'm counting my blessings, one by one.
Especially that simple phone call that couldn't have come at a better time.


  1. Oh my goodness you are amazing! That just made my whole day! Love you so much!

  2. I LOVE Lindsay! So glad I found you through her. Where are you living in Northern Colorado? I was in Boulder for school and headed up north to Jackson Hole!


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