Wednesday, December 14, 2011

weak spot...

I've discovered my weak spot. a BIG weak spot when it comes to Hudson. Maybe not even just Hudson, but with babies in general.
I just can't help it.
We have had to get out of the zip or snap one piece pajamas because, well, lets be honest, they just aren't cutting it anymore.
Hudson is growing way too fast & has been going through those pjs like crazy and I can't keep up with him! So thankful to oldnavy and carters, we have two piece pjs that actaully fit!

 [ps. I realize those skeleton pjs are meant for halloween, but they were $3 AND they
 glow in the dark!]

here's some more of my "weak spots" as of lately.

-Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader- Making the Team [don't judge until you've experienced this show!]
-Teen Mom
- Dresses [confession, totally wore a maternity dress the other day to church-
loved every single minute of it- and no I'm not pregnant!]
- Sweats and sweatshirts [you can never have too many]
-Black and white pictures
- Subway Art
- Jamba Juice
-Childrens' books [all llama llama books, and 'I love you stinky face']
- Tennis shoes
- Workout dvds
-clocks [I know, weird, but I saw my "dream" clock at hobby lobby the other day and have been obsessed ever since.]
-baby socks [also weird, but I'm so over the whole baby shoes thing!]

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  1. I love this!!

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who a. watches Teen Mom and b. is over the whole idea of baby shoes.

    Glad to see everything is well! <3


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