Wednesday, December 21, 2011

mary poppins!!!

oh the things I do to keep this little boy entertained!
I'm feeling a little like a "distant" mom the past few days, with trying to get everything ready for this trip, but it was something that I'm sure I will make up for! Hudson is not the type of little guy who can just sit and be content for a long period of time. This boy is a busy bee [just like his parents] which makes getting ready for a big trip a little difficult! So, I had to figure some things out that would keep him occupied for longer periods of time, without feeling bad that I wasn't on the floor playing with him!

I pretty much became Mary freakin' Poppins!
[thank goodness for big diaper bags!]
It's seriously amazing how much stuff I actaully fit in there, and how much he managed to keep pulling out!

 [once he had it out of the bag, he would pretty much throw it to the
 side of him and move onto the next...]

I think this next "idea" will fall under my last post of "preparation".
I wrapped a big box in the left over wrapping paper, and let him go!

Today will be another crazy day but after this, I'm so looking forward
to a little R&R. Boise, here we come.

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