Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This house has been a little crazy lately with all of our preparation for our long awaited trip to Boise for Christmas. Christmas shopping, packing, stocking stuffers, clothes [SO many clothes!] but mostly I have been full of stress. Stress over the smallest things...
what to pack.
how much to pack.
you know, the normal mommy "concerns" when traveling. [it seriously never gets easier.]
we are leaving at the most awful hour. 3am. Why we ever thought that was a good idea is beyond me [our excuse, we booked these flights before we had Hudson.]

And there is one more thing. Sleep. Hudson's sleep that is.
when we are home, Hudson is an absolute, sleeping saint.
Hudson tends to do pretty much awful [major understatement] sleeping anywhere other than his crib. Especially when we travel. Like up ever single hour, awful. And I fear that this is all my fault. I'm a "BabyWise" Mom. Proud to be . some may not agree with the method at all, but it has helped my little family, and has made a world of difference for Hudson. But with that method- you pretty much train them to fall asleep, on their own, in their own bed, and messing up with that- doesn't go over very well, at least not for my little guy.
I thought as much as I have been traveling, that it would just blow over, or get better over time, but it hasn't gotten any better, even after all of those trips, dangit. And we have tried literally everything. [or so I thought]
So here we are, preparing for a 2 week trip, and this is all I can think about.
I think we came up with a solution [we hope, and pray!]
We have pretty much re-started sleep training...not in his crib, which is obviously what he is used to, but in his pack-n-play, which we will take with us on our trip [blah]. It has been a long few days, but he has been doing absolutley amazing. I have pulled out all the bells and whistles for this kid, and even bought memory foam [those pack and play mattress-if you can even call them that- are horrid.] for it so it would be a little bit more comfortable for my little guy. [yes memory foam!]

I even made a sheet that would fit the pack and play. [yes, I know you can buy them but I wasn't about the spend $10 on one!]

Lets all please pray that this preparation has paid off.
I can't think of anything that would work any better, considering we have tried everything else!

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