Friday, December 9, 2011

long night of wrapping...

Oh, let me just begin by explaining that this week has been nothing but absolute craziness [to say the least.] I was asked about a week ago to be in charge of all the decorations for our ward Christmas party. I was a little hesitate and completely overwhelmed right away, but couldn't just say no. I had one week to pull this off. I had to think of something fast & easy, nothing to do with Santa, needed to be my style [I obviously wouldn't have it any other way] and it all had to be put together in a week. I didn't know what the theme of the party was, but I had a budget and knew I had to take advantage of every single cent.

I decided to gather [or attempt] as many boxes as I could & use them as center pieces.

Easy enough right?!
Let's just say, I had over 150 empty boxes, of all sizes in my dining room.

I found the most amazing and bright wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby that I just couldn't resist and then I knew this wasn't going to be your typical, calm, church Christmas party!

I figured that if they didn't like my decorations
then they wouldn't ask me to another party, right!?

I found some poly satin fabric at an amazing price...

Yep, that's lime green, shiny fabric! I was pretty ecstatic, but a little nervous
about what people might think of the bam colors.
but I was going  to go with it.

After one very LONG night of wrapping [okay we talked more than we wrapped] with amazing friends [thank you so much abby and robyn], over 7 rolls of wrapping paper, 8 rolls of tape, 2 glue sticks, a new paper cutter, 4 large rolls of wrapping tulle & who knows how many hours, we got....
That's over 150 boxes!
The wrapping paper and colors turned out so good together!
Then I started making bows.
Yeah, I told Robyn "once I made one, I had to make them for all of the gifts."
silly? of course.
but so fun!
I then had to get creative, because I was getting bored.

 I then finally found out what the theme of the Christmas was!
be amazed....
"The magic of Christmas is
not in the presents, but in His presence."
perfection to say the least!
we had these on all of the tables!
We all decided that we should incorporate "His presence"
so out came the nativity in a black frame which looked amazing
against the bright colors.

I didn't get a picture of the whole room [bummer] and I didn't even
get the best picture of our table, but this will just have to do!

  Oh this week has certainly taken a toll on my sleep schedule, play time with my baby, date time with my husband, but after it was all said and done, I'm so happy everything happened without a hitch, everybody loved the decorations and colors, and the best part- people from the ward took all of the boxes home to use under their trees and to use for their gifts! [long story short, I have my dining room back!] :]


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  1. You seriously did an AMAZING job! It all came together so definitely pulled it off! :)


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