Sunday, December 11, 2011

if you just realize.

So we have been in a hot chocolate kind of mood lately. okay. more like all of the time but what does it matter! It all started with this nasty and bitter cold weather and then the McDonald's new Peppermint Hot Chocolate commercial.

Obviously we have an obsession because Kalob jumped in the car and came back with 2 steaming hot chocolates! Let me just tell you, delicious! I hate McDonald's to be honest with you, but they are doing something right here!

Lately, Hudson has been trying to cut his 4th nap [yeah 4!] and that usually falls at 4 or 5 so our nights lately haven't really been the most pleasant! We have been taking a lot of drives this past week to kill the time and we find ourselves looking at houses, making notes of things we hate and things we love, for our dream home, all while Hudson tries to keep himself awake, but always ends up giving in and eventually lets his head fall to the side to take a little cat nap. We have been calling these our 'dates', which means we have gone on 4 this week! Two out of those 4 we have had hot chocolate in our hands, trying to warm us up, but mostly to satisfy our taste buds and fulfill our obsession.
Can I fill you in on a little secret?!
McDonald's has not gotten our business because we found something better!
gas stations.
Yep, gas stations have the best hot chocolate with the best add ins!
Dn't believe me?! Try it next time you are tempted to spend double or even triple the amount of money on Starbucks, Moxi Java, Coco Bean or Mcdonald's!

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