Wednesday, December 7, 2011

liar liar.

Do you remember that last post about "not stopping us"?
Yeah. that was a lie. a huge lie. Which make me a
liar. liar. liar.
The weather has been nothing but sub par.
We are talking single digits.
Take your breath away kind of cold.

I've dreaded going outside, even walking a few feet to the car to go to the store.
We literally wrap this kid up with the thickest blakets and hoodies we have,
with a warm bottle in hand! Hudson thinks it's hilarious to be all wrapped up, until he realizes that he can't move!

And because it's freezing and I don't want to even go outside, for our date night, we did Red Robin take out [and we had literally no food in the fridge so this seemed like the best options] It may sound lazy, but we didn't even have to get out of the car!
Let me just tell you, I was one happy camper with my caeser chicken wrap!

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