Wednesday, November 30, 2011

doesn't stop us.

Staying in the house, all day long, while it's yucky and cold weather outside just makes me sad. So that yucky and cold weather doesn't stop us from getting out [i won't let it!] even if we go across the street to Target! Yesturday we went on a walk, but not until we bundled this little boy up.
He had about 3 layers on underneath his hoodie, with blankets from head to toe- that of course don't stay in the stroller for longer than 3 steps. He loves his walks!

But what tops the walks?!
The cart at the store!
He has so much more freedom to fling himself across the cart to try and grab anything that he can reach! Let me just tell you, this little boy is quick!
I've been assigned to do all the decorations for our ward christmas party next week
[more about that later] and hudson has been such a good sport, in just about every single craft store Colorado has to offer!
[he grabbed this hat- and about 13 others- off the rack!]

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