Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i promised...

I promised myself that I would never be that mom who promoted her child to win anything...but at this point, since he has already made it through 2 rounds by himself at 6 months, I think this is all justified! hahaha.

We got our birth announcements and christmas cards from a printing company - tiny prints.
While making the cards and looking at them for preview, I got an email asking if we wanted to put the pictures on the website and possibly be chosen for Hudson to be in their campaign for 2012...yahda yahda yahda. blah blah blah. Of course I was a little skeptical, but mark the yes button and haven't heard anything since. Until this week. I received an email stating that some judges had picked Hudson's pictures and now they were up for "vote" by the community. So that is where we are at today. Help the little guy out! He made it with two entries so...
entry one.

entry two.

I know I know. I seriously promised myself I would never become this mom, but it's too late now!

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