Saturday, November 19, 2011

an apple a day...

An apple a day keeps
Hudson happy!
[these pictures are absolutely horrible off of my phone. I haven't talked myself into getting "with it" when it comes to the greatest and newest technology of phones, obviously since I still have the envy2- yeah that is like a 4 years ago phone. 
But he is just so dang cute with his little granny smith.]

 [savors every little nibble.]

It takes him about 10minutes to finish the slice [skin excluded]
but he seriously loves them. so much.

Hudson is feeling so much better, and so is Daddy [thankfully] but me on the other hand, might not make it. Okay- not true, but I sure do feel like I could cough and die at any moment. You know when your cold gets down to your chest, and every time you breath you have to cough, and every time you blow your nose, you have to cough...but every time you cough, you have a hacking attack that makes your whole body hurl over because you can't catch your own breath and it hurts so bad. Yeah, I've scared Hudson a few times with my cough, but after the terror on his face goes away-
he laughs hysterically and waves his arms like
"do it again, do it again!"
These are the times when I'm so grateful that I have a happy and healthy baby & a loving husband who took off three days of work this week [I freaked out the first morning, thinking he was like 2 hours late for work, when really he had been up for 2 hours calling and taking care of the work he needed to, and getting Hudson up and feed. I didn't hear a peep from either of them.] All of that so that he could catch this nasty little bug and so I could stay in my "dungeon" to cough, sleep and cough some more. Love my little family.

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