Tuesday, November 1, 2011

date day...

yep. that's right.
date day.
Since Hudson and i will be leaving tomorrow for about 2 weeks, we thought we would make today a day date so Daddy wouldn't miss us as much...[hahaha, i'm sure he will be just fine!]
Daddy still had to go to work today, but we changed some things around!
Daddy waited for Hudson to wake up this morning so he could go in, see him, and play with him before he had to head into work...
Hudson got a much needed nap in and then we headed to lunch with Daddy
[we are high rollers and went to Subway...we just had to eat fresh!]

Daddy went back to work while we drove back home and had another much needed nap in the car...

On the agenda for tonight...
uh-maz-ing night ahead!
[if you've never had pirate bootys you are missing out!
 I absolutely HATE popcorn, makes me nauseous, can't stand the smell, I gag, run, cover my nose...dramatic- NO! It gets to me every time. Going to a movie theatre is a very rare thing, so we buy pirate bootys in place of popcorn, and do movie nights at the house instead!]

We are going to miss Daddy, but so excited to venture to Boise and spend some quality time with friends and family!
boise or bust!

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