Tuesday, September 13, 2011

we call him...

p t e r o d a c t y l.
[totally had to look up how to even attempt spelling that word. goodness...
I won't judge you if you had to type in the word to your google search bar to even come up with the meaning or had to sound out the word. cRaZy spelling.
Okay, it can't be that crazy since my husband spelt it right, on command, without looking...but I just think it means he's smart and uses big words on a daily basis.]

This has become a common noise in our house.
 and in the store, and when we go out to lunch with friends, at play group & on walks, in the bathtub, getting his diaper changed, when he is waking up, when he is looking in the mirror, skype with aunt aly & on the phone with NaNa.
We've got a dang cute little dino!

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