Wednesday, September 14, 2011

extreme couponing...

okay, not even close [those ladies are insane. smart but insane.]
but I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.
One of my  b i g g e s t  urks/ pet peeves in life is spending cRaZy amounts of money on paper pruducts, laundry detergent...and lately diapers and wipes. I realize [I hope] that we all need to be clean [toilet paper] and that we need clean clothes, especially with a baby [laundry detergent], and a baby's bum needs to stay clean [ trust me, I've considered cloth diapers and I just can't bring myself to do it.]  
I knew well in advance, that having a baby would expensive.
But now it's our reality, and if you know me, I like nice things, but I'm very frugal.

Before we had Hudson, I thought it was getting a little ridiculous to be going to the store every single time we were out of something, or when we didnt have a plan for dinner. We were making 3-4 trips every week! So I cut our trips down to only [seriously] 2 trips a month, and cut our monthly grocery bill by over half [not intentional, but you can't complain about saving, right?]
Now that Hudson is here, I still only make 2 trips to the grocery store a month, but that "over half part" has increased over time by adding diapers, wipes, and now formula.

But there seems to be a light at the end of this expensive road!

This week I got a huge thing of laundry detergent and 24 rolls of toilet paper [the good stuff] for $9.54
& a box of Pampers [size 2 204 count diapers] and a box of Pampers sensitive wipes [364 count] for $13.21. 
I will tell you one thing though, as much as I think I got a good deal...Any amount of money is worth spending for this little boy. hands down.

and that whole "saving" thing...let's be honest, not so sure as to how much I save, considering I get to spoil this little boy. even more.

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