Tuesday, July 12, 2011

movin' on up...

As we all know, babies grow up but I've been in denial.
Hudson is almost 3 months old. I feel like I was driving him home from the hospital just yesturday.
but I've decided that...we are movin' on up!
& I'm starting to become okay with it!
 newborn shoes to size 1.
  little baby hats to what I call his "big boy" hat.
 his little new born diapers to his size 1 diaper.
 we are RARELY using his little bottles anymore. On to the bigger and better!
 little new born onsies to 0-3months.
 His newborn jammies that used to be big on him to his jammies now (thank you old navy, walmart, and childrens place for carrying 0-3 month clothing!)
we are movin' onto the DOUBLE CHIN. He is doing a good job on that one!

[please look at those eyelashes.]
He has daddy's cheeks and dimples when he smiles, and mommy's long eyelashes, lips, and nose.

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  1. he is soo cute!!! I love your blog! He is getting so big!


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