Monday, July 11, 2011

holding out...

my boys are sick.
very sick.
stuffy & running noses, both snoring all night, sneezes, tired eyes, constant coughing, head congestion, big baby yawns.
very sleepless nights.
pretty much. train wreck.
We are struggling.
My boys are miserable.
It all happened so fast.

but he is still SO cute.

I'm trying to hold out.
I really can't get sick, but I think I'm slowly losing this battle.
Vitamin C, please kick in.

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  1. ok.. Im in love with your little family! And I miss you and we need to catch up again SOON! ps last time I was about to get sick I carried OJ with me everywhere, blasted my body with emergen-C (sp?), juice plus and vitamins and it did the trick! Love yoU!


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