Friday, June 24, 2011

trying to be...

All that I can be...this list is pretty never ending.
(and with those you must put responsible, loving, caring, nurturing, domestic, earthly, amazing, fashionable, bargain shopper, worthy, decent & somewhat put together in front of those words.)
best friend.
But this week...
I took advantage of every nap Hud Bug took...and took one with him.
We had leftovers 2 nights in a row because I didn't make dinner.
I didn't get to calling anyone back, certainly slacking as a friend.
I was cRaNkY because our AC went out. (I would have been a horrible pioneer)
I online shopped instead of going to the store.
I wore pjs every day except yesturday because we went to a park play date...and I wore sweats.
I only worked out twice...rock revival jeans, it's only been 2 months & I'll wear you again...eventually.
I let Hudson 'cry it out' last night.
I haven't folded laundry at all, and had to run 3 loads in the dryer to de-wrinkle all the clothes that sat in a laundry basket all week.
I haven't left the house but twice because I really didnt want to go fill up my car with gas.
yah. pretty accomplished right?!
All of this happening while:
My mom calling everyday to check in and counting down the days until she sees her little man.
Kalob taking off work because I didn't want to be home alone while the AC workers were at the house.
Mentioning that I loved her son's shorts at play group and Abby going and buying some for Hudson. amazing.
Hudson laughing and smiling when he sees me after he wakes up. ( i'm going to take it as he is happy to see me, not becuase my make-up is smeared or my hair is cRaZy.)
Kiley calling just to say hi.
Isn't always the little things that makes us step back and say "wow. my life is good."
But, I did manage to come up with a tie for Hudson ( blessing outfit possiblity) and a car seat cover for Robyn and her precious baby London.
and if I get to see a face like this every morning, I'm going to feel beyond accomplished. :)

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