Monday, June 20, 2011

never felt so good...

I would walk across fire, jump in front of a moving train, take multiple bullets, risk having a deadly disease for the rest of my life, and without question, I would wake up every hour for Hudson if he needed me to... but once again, I'm going to brag about my little guy (I should probably re-name my blog just so people are aware of what they are about to read right?! All about Hudson!?)
Drum roll please.....
Hudson is 8 weeks old, he is laughing, smiling, sitting in his bumbo and for the past two nights, Hudson has slept 10 hours straight. Yes, that's right! 10 hours! I feel a little lazy and somewhat guilty but I guess that means that we are doing something right! right?
Can I please just tell you, 10 hours has never felt so good!

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