Saturday, June 18, 2011

prayers for brogan.

My heart is extremely full right now. I'm incredibly overwhelmed with emotion. But I'm feeling so blessed and thankful for so many little things.
Yesturday was one of those days where you count every single blessing, little & big, the ones that seem to not matter and the ones that change your life forever. A day where you take your child/children in your arms and you don't let them go. You say "i love you" more times in a day that ever before, and you thank Heavenly Father for everything thing he has given to you,
over & over & over, and you never forget the love and patience that he shows all of us daily. One of those days where you are grateful for the wonderful people in your life, every breath that you take, every step walked & ten fingers and ten toes.
Some of you may remember this post about my best friend Courtney and the new little addition that we were all so beyond thrilled about! Hudson would have a life long best friend, being only 4 months apart, and we could see so many play dates in the future!
I'm almost positive that I haven't cried and prayed more for a single person than I had yesturday for Courtney and Brogan. Courtney called me in the morning to tell me that there was a really good chance that she would become a mom within the next few days if not hours. My finger was seconds away from clicking "purchase and complete" on the southwest website because while we were thinking that this little guy wasn't coming until at least the end of August, he couldn't wait any longer to meet his parents, who already loved him so much, and arrived yesturday, weighing just 3lbs. 2oz. Courtney was only 29weeks.
Hudson was sleeping, and I couldn't help but going into his room and picking him up and holding him as tight as I could, for as long as possible, counting every single blessing that I could think of at the time.
Selfishly I needed and pleaded with Heavenly Father for Brogan to be okay, to be a fighter, and to be healthy and strong considering the circumstances, because I felt horrible for not being able to be there, but unselfishly, Brogan needed to be okay, to be a fighter, and to be healthy and strong considering the circumstances for his parents.
I can not even begin to tell you how proud I was of Courtney and Cade for being so incredibly strong and trusting that everything was going to be okay. The love that they already had, and now know, for this little boy was/is astounding! I will NEVER forget when I talked to Court last night, her saying "Elise, I can't believe I love him so much already, it's overwhelming."
Prayers were certainly answered and heard because this little guy has, and without a doubt will continue to suprise many! Although he has a long road ahead and many nights left in NICU, he has become the definition of a fighter. I can not wait to meet this "little monkey" in just a few weeks!
I can promise that so many people love you Brogan! We are all fighting for you little guy!
Prayers for Brogan.

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