Tuesday, April 5, 2011

beyond thrilled...

I have pretty amazing friends- to say the least. I've been incredibly lucky to have stayed in touch with many of my elementary, junior high, and high school friends...and most of them are still my best friends to this day.

But there is one of them who has been around since seventh grade.

Our parents were in the same ward at church when they first got married, and introduced us- thankfully! Her mom brought her over to our house, and we jumped on the trampoline (they still make those right?!) while we got to know eachother for a few minutes, and the rest is pretty much history!

We have made it through school & graduation, hook-ups & break-ups, boyfriends & now husbands(who were roommates before we each got married), tears and smiles, movie nights, choir trips, girl weekends, and all of that ended with

a m a z i n g weddings.

Not to mention, many wonderful picture oppurtunities (see below), and now we are both pregnant with baby boys! Our little tykes will be almost exactly 4 months apart!

We talked today about how absolutely insane it is that we are at this point in our lives- but like I've said many times before...ready or not- we are having babies! :)

So beyond thrilled for Courtney & Cade!

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