Wednesday, June 1, 2011

oh the people we met.

We are back and ready to blog! I feel a little, okay alot, out of it, and now that we are back to reality, I feel like I have SO much to do. Number one on the list to re-train my little peanut back into a normal, daily routine. Heaven help us!
Baby H has been extrememly spoiled the past week, and I couldn't have ask for a better trip. I knew it was going to be a little overwhelming considering that this was the first time that hudson had traveled more than down the street to Target or to a dr. appt. and this would also be the first time that Hudson would meet, well pretty much EVERYONE! I was extremely stressed (that's an understatement, I've been stressed ever since I found out I was pregnant) to fly with Hudson for my sister's graduation. He was only 4 weeks old when we hopped on the airplane last week, and I traveled back to Boise by myself, and can I brag once again and tell you, I have the best baby! When we arrived to the Denver Airport, I thought I was going to throw up. I was terrified! Luckily, Kalob was able to go through security with me and wait until we got onto the airplane. Answer to my prayers! Hudson ended up sleeping the whole way, without a peep, and the flight attendants LOVED him. He even got some Southwest "wings" to put into his scrapbook (does that mean that I have to start scrapbooking to be a good mom?).
As we can all see, I'm about a week behind (very unusual) and now is the time to do a little catching up! Before we go any further, I'm fully aware that this post should be put into about 7 different posts, but that aside, this post will be L O N G & it will contain what will seem like 109385029385291 pictures. I know there are a few that will love every single second of it, but for the rest of you, you have now been advised and can proceed with caution!
I should begin by saying that Hudson is one very loved baby.
He fell in love with Papa. Some withdrawls are sure to happen.
Auntie Aly = one amazing aunt.
Erin = amazing adopted aunt.
Great Grandpa & Grandma
BACKGROUND: The next two pictures are some of the most precious things ever. These are two little kids that I used to claim as my own. I know, I know, they most certianly aren't mine, but I used to nanny them from the time they were Hudson's age. I'm still "babysitter elise" and joke is that their daughter, also named elyse (spelled with a y) will become "babysitter elyse" to my kids!This family has molded me and taught me so much! I can't believe that I now have a baby that they are holding! Love them so much.
hudson's was lucky enough to meet the puppies too! hahaha. I was very nervous about how they would handle a baby in the house, but they did amazing! Ryli and Amber were so protective and Amber would sleep at my feet during the day and outside my door at night. precious.
Uncle Jake (my twin brother) and Aunt Jenny (his wife) were in Arizona this past week and were luckily able to come home in time to spend a few days with us before we ended back to Colorado. Hudson was mezmorized by Jake's voice and absolutely fell in love with Jenny! It's pretty safe to say that they fell in love with Hudson as well!
We are so blessed to have so many people that love and adore us and made our trip pretty amazing. It's amazing to be home and to be with Kalob again! I must admit though, Boise will always be home and have a HUGE place in our lives!

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