Sunday, May 22, 2011

who needs martha!?

This year for Kalob's birthday (we celebrated a bit early, due to both of us being in different states on his actual birthday) I decided to tone it down a bit (last year I suprised him and took him sky diving...)
and now that we have a little one, I figured we should probably do something a little bit safer...okay ALOT safer, like staying in. haha.
So, who needs martha stewart when you have my wonderful husband?! This may seem a little backward, but for his birthday, he wanted to cook dinner for us! Can't complain or say no to that right?! Well, if you've ever been to Johnny Carinos and have had bowtie festival, then you know it's delicious! Well we thought we would try to make it ourselves, and it turned out great! I got extrememly lucky in the "husband" department and my husband LOVES to cook- and more importantly, he is good at it!
We then opened presents! My husband is pretty amazing so of course he wanted an amazing gift...
He wanted an ice cream maker...yah that's right! A M A Z I N G! I got him the Kitchen Aid attachment and he was thrilled, along with the Ben and Jerry book!
and let me tell you- this ice cream was to die for! I'm sure it was healthy too...N O T! :)
Happy Birthday to an amazing husband, father, the guy I love, and the man I call my best friend.

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